Thursday, January 8, 2009

God works in mysterious ways....

Every time things are really hard and we feel like we can't take anymore God steps in and shows us how great he is!!!

I have some troubles with my daycare in the last few months, kids quitting, parents not paying, drama with parents, etc.  Well I had one spot open and I really needed to fill that spot so I advertised the spot last week and got a few responses but nothing good.  I was feeling a little hopeless about finding another child to fit into our wonderful little group and God worked his miracle.  I had a little boy that I was watching until November when his mom quit working and his mom called me this week and asked if I could take him back!!!  I am so excited that means I have a full house again and full pay again :0)

Starting Monday I have a full house again and I am so happy with the way things are working out.  Also we are up for orders this month or next and we are hoping and praying that we can get Italy!!!  We wont really know anything about orders though for a few months and I promise I will let the world know as soon as we know something.  We are due to leave VA in July so we still have 6 months left here.

Ok enough for one day, have a great Thursday!!

I wanted to put some pics of the boys on here since it has been awhile since I have done that.  They were taken a few months ago though :0)

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Mommusidanmin said...

Rik ertu Helga min. :) Rik af svona hrikalega saetum strakum.