Wednesday, January 7, 2009

5 Things

I am going to write 5 things that I am thankful for at this very moment....

1.  A quiet house

2. No laundry to have to do

3. The phone  LOL

4. Healthy children

5. Carpet cleaning machine (I am so glad I have my own because I am going to be doing carpets in a few minutes when the kids are sleeping)

On to the report from the dentist.....
Well Kobe of course did fine because he only has 10 teeth (two are coming in on the bottom and that will make it 12).  His teeth all looked good so he was just there for a check up.  Tyrique was not able to be seen because we found out that he has NO DENTAL INSURANCE, we need to get him on Dewayne's page 2 so he can be under our insurance plan an not his dads.  Then there is sweet tooth child who is not the biggest fan of brushing his teeth.  Markus has 8 cavities and needs to have two baby teeth pulled out and Dewayne thought the dentist had said that he needs two crowns as well but I need to go with him the next time so I can find out exactly what is going on.  My poor baby, Markus came home and he was not happy with the results of the dentist (I wasn't either but I had a feeling it was going to be bad news).  Oh well now he is going to be better at brushing his teeth and he is going to stay away from sweets and sugary drinks.  We decided that we are just going to make that a family effort, quit buying candy, junk food and sugary drinks.  Maybe I will loose some weight by doing that :0)

Ok well enough for today, I need to get cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Have a great day :0)


Mommusidanmin said...

I can identify with poor Marcus. I went to the dentist this morning and my poor mouth needs work because of my weak Icelandic teeth that I did not care for when I was a kid. :( I am like you, I feel passionate about my kids taking good care of their teeth and every morning and evening I brush their teeth and have them brush them. The saying I repeat over and over to them is " do not rush when you brush". This echos in their head when they brush their teeth. :D
Huld who HATES going to the dentist with a passion BUT still goes 2x a year.

Sigurborg said...

ouch... 8 holur!! Aumingja litla skinnið!! Ég hef ekki farið til tannsa í 5 ár, eða síðan ég flutti hinga út og dreg það ENDALAUST að fara. EN ég hugsa vel um mínar tennur en alveg sama. Veit að ég er með örugglega eina skemmd og það er þess vegna sem ég fer ekki því ég er með hrillilega fóbíu á tannlækna. Vonandi lærir hann þá af mistökum sínum og fer að busta tennurnar daglega!