Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Catching up on the last two weeks

Dewayne running his 40 yard dash in 4.2 seconds
Dewayne preparing to run the 40 yard dash
Here is Kobe watching his Daddy try out for the DC Armour at 5 am.

I was going to write this last week and never seemed to get the time to write it.  

We went to DC on Friday the 16th for Dewayne to try out for an Arena Football team in Washington DC called the DC Armour.  He was asked to come for a personal try out because he had missed the actual team try outs.  Well he did so good, including running the 40 yard dash in 4.2 seconds that the Coach asked him to join the team right there on the spot.  YIPPY!!!!!

So now Dewayne has to go to DC every weekend for football practice and then in the end of February he is going to be moving up there to play for the team.  The season runs from March through the end of June.  I am so excited for him, he did so good and the coach was so happy with him.  

Then on my birthday January 19th I had a BBQ and we had a bunch of friends come over.  It was a great day and I am so happy that I got to share my day with my friends!!!  Thank you all for coming and sharing my day :0)

Ok besides that we have not done much else this last week.  Kobe has had a very bad cold and now Dewayne has it too.  Poor things they get every little pest that goes around.  

Ok so now off to watch the kids.  Have a great Tuesday everyone!!!


Sigurborg said...

way to go Dewayne!! En hvernig er það... fær hann frí í hernum til að flytja til DC? Jason segir CONGRATS einnig

Mrs.X said...
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Mrs.X said...

hann verður sendur TAD til DC á meðann. Herinn stendur alveg með honum í sambandi við Football. Chiefinn hanns er bara rosalega spenntur yfir þessu öllu saman.

Mommusidanmin said...

Innilega til hamingju med bondann fra mer og Eliasi. :)

Sigurborg said...

það er ekkert smá flott!!! Og ekkert smá gott tækifæri fyrir hann. Hey, kannski sér maður hann bara í Superbowl someday ;o) Jason is fairly impressed by the way, tell Dewayne that, lol