Monday, May 17, 2010

Pictures from Iceland

Sorry I haven't written in a while!!!  I had these pictures ready to go a few days ago but then I got a phone call from my Mamma asking me if I wanted to come to her house for a few days since the boys had off from school and I just up and left and forgot to finish my post!!!!

A couple of weeks ago we went to my Mamma's house and she took us on a drive around the country.  We stopped at a little cabin that one of her friends owns and Kobe got to play outside with the dogs (sorry there are no pictures of him with the dogs).  As I was looking around I told my Mamma that I needed to take pictures so that I could show you, my blog readers how beautiful it is here in Iceland.

The view from the cabin was amazing....the have a beautiful view of the ocean in front and a gorgeous mountain view in the back!!!  Can't beat that huh?

There are a few other cabins in the pictures that are located close to this one.  The cabin that is in the sixth picture is the one that my Mamma's friend owns.


Pennie said...

THESE are the pictures I've been waiting for! BEAUTIFUL! I love the cabin...wish I could come visit! :) Looks lovely!!!

Kimberley said...

Beautiful! Those are some interesting land formations, there would be so much to explore there! Thanks for sharing these.

3LittleMonkeys said...

Wow...amazing! It's wonderful to see what another country looks like! Thanks for sharing.