Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election day

Tonight we will hopefully find out who the next President if the USA will be.  I personally am hoping it will be Obama because I think McCain is just another Bush and we have had two Bush's already and don't need another one.  I am really excited to find out who wins the election.  I can not believe that people do not vote, it is funny too because the people who say they are not voting are the ones who are complaining about the war and the economy and most of all GAS prices.  Well if you do not vote, you have no say!!!!

I have been in a cleaning mood the last two days.  I scrubbed the house down yesterday and mopped the walls in the kitchen and today I want to finish mopping the walls in the living room and hallway.  I got some paint yesterday so I can do some touch up painting on the walls.  I am so excited about Christmas and I think that is the reason why I am so excited to clean the house.  I am doing my last load of laundry right now and then I just have to put the laundry away after the babies wake up.  

I am going to go get my nails done when the last child leaves for the day.  I broke one of my nails last night when I was cleaning and it is driving me insane and hurting me too.  

Ok well that is enough for now, the dryer just went off so I am going to fold the clothes.  Have a great Tuesday and hopefully next time I write a blog Obama will be the new President :0)

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Sigurborg said...

oh.. ef ég væri enn í VA þá myndi ég fá ykkur allar yfir og baka jólakökur og svona núna fyrir jólin..... já veit ekki alveg hvað það kom þessum pósti við en langaði bara að segja það, lol.

Knús... og yes.. við erum komin með nýjan forseta!!