Monday, October 27, 2008

Funny Fart

I had to share this with you guys cause it was so damn funny.  Kobe has been sick to his stomach the last few days, he had really bad diarrhea and gas.  Well the gas is just really bad today and he has been walking around the house all day farting up a storm.  About 5 minutes ago he was playing with a football and he threw the ball and when he bent over to pick it up he farted a really loud fart.....he started laughing and it made me laugh so hard.  Then he stood up looked at me and farted again and gave me a huge grin.  This was just the cutest fart ever :0)  

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Sigurborg said...

awww... ég sé þetta alveg fyrir mér, lol.... litla krúttið.