Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Baby Boy is having his surgery tomorrow

Kobe is having the tubes put in his ears tomorrow.  We are going to his pre-op appointment in a few hours and then tomorrow is the big day.  I sure hope he feels better after having those tubes put in.  I'm so nervous about him having surgery but of course that is just normal and I know that.  I am just afraid of him being put to sleep, I was there every time Markus was put to sleep and even though it was scary to see it done I would rather be there with him rather than him just being wheeled away from me and taken to another room to put him to sleep.  

I have to tell you about what my big boy did on Sunday night...we went out to eat and were sitting at the table and Kobe was a little bit irritated and tired.  He had just spilled Tyriques soda all over himself and me and was fussing and wanted to leave.  All of a sudden he realized there was a TV in every corner and saw that there was football on TV.  He started yelling DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DA and was pointing at the TV like crazy.  Then out of the blue he said foo baaal (football), my son is a genius, that or he has been exposed to way too much football in his 14 months of life?!?!  It was the cutest thing ever and now he is always saying football.  Last night I was upstairs and Kobe was in his brothers rooms and then he came into my room happy as could be holding out his brothers football and yelled to me foo baaal.  He threw the ball and went and got it and handed it to me.  He loves sports just like Tyrique did at this age and of course he loves balls of any kind.  

Ok well I need to get ready for the drs appointment.  Have a great day!

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