Monday, October 27, 2008

Clean feeling...

Yesterday I wanted to spend the day cleaning the house and getting it ready for the week but just as I was starting to clean a friend of mine came over.  It was nice to have company at the house but it did delay my cleaning for a day.

This morning I woke up at the butt crack of dawn (6 am) and my first child of the day arrived a few minutes later.  I talked to Mamma for awhile this morning and didn't really feel like doing anything but then realized that if I don't do it no one will!!!

I cleaned the whole house from top to bottom and I feel so good right now.  Everything in here is spotless.  The only bad thing is that when I was all done I went upstairs to take a shower and when I returned I had to start by cleaning my carpet in the living room because my damn dog Snuggles peed on the floor.  I am so irritated with her for doing that, she is mad at me because I will not let her eat people food anymore and to show me how pissed off she is she pees on the floor.  

I told Snuggles that if she pees on my floor again I am getting rid of her!!!  Tyrique looked kinda scared and asked me if I was serious but I told him no I just said that to Snuggles to scare her straight :0)  I am tired of having to clean my floors a few times a week though.

So nothing more exciting than that going on right now.  I started knitting my pink and white baby blanket again.....Mamma made me feel bad about it (she really didn't she just gave me the kick in the butt I needed).  I have also been thinking that I really want to make a quilt!!  Holy shit right???  I dunno what is going on with me but damnit I am starting to want to do all kinds of weird things that only Suzie homemaker and my Mamma do!!!!  LOL  I just have never had any kind of creative bone in my body and now I just want to be out there making Christmas things and sewing and knitting and I dunno this sounds crazy coming from me.  

Ok well I am done for now.  I will try to be better at this damn thing :0)

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