Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Husband is Great

    Dewayne was in the local paper this week for being freaking awsome :0)  They did an article on him basically talking about football and then some about the Navy.  The story was a whole page and it was so great.  

    Dewaynes team right now is undefeated or 8-0.  The game they played last night was against the DC Chiefs and they whopped their butts, the score was 56-0!!!!  Dewayne played quite a bit last night and he did great.  

    Tyrique was holding the markers at the game and Markus was helping me with Kobe and taking pictures.  Tyrique loooovvveeesss football and wants to do everything with Dewayne when he is playing.  This is good for them cause it gives them a chance to bond.  Markus wants to be a part of it too but he is intimidated by all the guys so he would rather sit with me in the stands.  Kobe likes to clap his hands and call out to Daddy.  He also likes to eat and drink his bottle :0)

    Now there are only three more games left in the regular season and then playoffs start.  The three games remaining are from teams that they have already beat and the one team forfitted the game.  The team that forfitted the game have not won any games so they are no worry.  I am so proud of my baby for how good he has done this season, I know how exhausting it is to have to go 6 days a week to practice and play football.  Poor Dewayne has no life right now besides football and work.  

    In regards to the rest of us.....we are all doing good.  Kobe is going to see the ENT next month to get tubes in his ears, since my last blog he has had another ear infection.  Markus is going to start playing soccer soon (he is soooo excited).  Tyrique has a rash or eczema all over his body and he has been seeing the doctor for it and when he went to get his sports physical the doctor would not clear him saying she thought it was a fungus???  WTF, Tyrique has had this thing all over his body for a year and the other doctors never mentioned fungus.  The sports doc said that if it is fungus then it is if it is contagious don't you think the rest of us wouldn't have it by now too???  I don't know what to think...the boys are going to have school physicals on Tuesday so we will see what the doc says then.  

    Ok this is enough for now.....I am so tired today that I need to get Kobe and Kaden to sleep and then I am going to relax on the couch until Army Wives starts.  Have a great week everyone and I will blog again one of these days.

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Heirðu viltu senda þessa grein til okkar, eða allavegana skanna hana inn og senda á email. Þetta er nú meiri gæinn sem þú giftist, við erum svo stolt af ykkur öllum. Love mamma