Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Playing with the remote

I took these pictures of Kobe last night.  He was playing with the remote, he took the batteries out and then couldn't get them back in.

Trying to look innocent :)

He was so sleepy when I took these pictures and I think he was sleeping about 5 minutes later.


Pennie said...

That is so funny! I can just imagine him scrambling to get the batteries in, and then seeing you come, armed with a camera to get it all on film! Mo-oo-o-ooom!
He's a cutie.

Laura said...

Too funny, what a cutie!!

Sandra said...

Was reading your profile and saw that Kobe is an Xbox fan....phew, thank goodness I'm not the only mother who has succomb to the video games for children who are under a certain age. My youngest has been playing Call of Duty since he was five...I know, revoke my Mother of the Year Award.
Your son is adorable, guilt-laden and all!