Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Birgitta

Today is my sister Birgitta's 28th birthday.  Happy Birthday Birgitta!!!  Yesterday when I took Kobe to my Mamma's house my sister and her two children went with us.  We stopped at IKEA to pick up a thing or two and then we ate at IKEA.  I love how family friendly they are there, kids meals are free when you purchase a regular meal  So we paid for mine and my sisters meal and the three kids ate for free :)  Can't beat that!!

After that we went to Toys R Us and looked around at all the toys and let the kids play and dream of all the different things that they wanted for Christmas.  Kobe was loving all the Toy Story toys, he loves Jessie and calls her Cowboy Jessie and when he saw her he got really excited.  The kids had a sister and I had a blast too and got some great ideas for some Christmas stuff.  

Then off we went to get some Ice Cream.  At the Ice Cream store I decided to take some pictures since the kids ice cream was so doggone cute.

This is the girl that was working at the ice cream store or the Ice Cream Magician that made our children oh so happy :)

My beautiful sister AKA Birthday girl holding the finished product!

Here is a close up of the Ice that not cute?

To celebrate we are going to have lunch at the Chinese place in town....yummy I love me some Chinese and lucky for me so does my sister and her hubby :)


Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

LOL I love the ice cream!!! Almost to cute to eat.

Pennie said...

Oh my goodness - cute ice cream! I've never seen an ice cream place like that!

And happy birthday to your sister with the CUTEST NAME...I just love that name! (I know I've said that before...but I do!) And I can certainly tell you two are sisters - the resemblance is uncanny!