Sunday, October 24, 2010

The View

Thursday after work I went home to get Tyrique and Markus and off we went to my Mamma's house to get Kobe.  We stayed the night at Mamma's and had a great night and then on Friday afternoon we headed back home since I had to work the weekend.  I took some pictures while we were at Mamma's so I could show you the view.

First I had to take some pictures of my sleepy boy watching Simba (The Lion King).

When you walk out the front door and look left these mountains are what you see!  

Aren't they beautiful?  Last time I was at Mamma's the mountains did not have snow and now they did.  The boys were so excited to see the snow.

The view out the front door is amazing.  When you look straight ahead this is what you see....

The beautiful Ocean!

And Tyrique on his skateboard :)

The living room window is like the most beautiful portrait because no matter which direction you look the view is amazing and that is how it is just walking out the front door.  

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Pennie said...

No wonder you like going there! You are right - beautiful views...mountains, ocean. Very nice! I love seeing what you see when you are hanging out at your usual places. I can't wait until you post your pics of your home! :)
I love the headboard or sofa back or whatever it is that Kobe is on! Very classy! Love it!
Thanks for letting us have a peek into your world (and the world of your Mamma!) ;)
We don't have snow yet - it's still 55-60 degrees. We're enjoying unseasonably warm temps this year. I'm lovin' it...but I hear it's going to be short-lived. :)