Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I didn´t go to sleep until 2 am last night.  I was feeling like sh*t last night, my throat was hurting, head all stuffy and I had such bad body aches.  I was going to be asleep by 10 but Kobe had other things in mind.  He stayed up until after 1 am and by the time I could go to sleep I was so exhausted that I could not fall asleep right away.  Then I almost over slept this morning but thank goodness my good old friend Michele called and woke me up with her good news.  She just got a great job working for the government and she wanted to share her good news with me :o)  Congrats honey bunches....I am so happy for you!!!

Now I am waiting for my chinese food to get here and I am going to pig out.  Then with a full belly I am going to get in my bed, watch a little bit of TV and then off to bed I go.

I have a Drs appointment in the morning for a consult to get my wisdom teeth pulled out.  They are bothering me so much and it is about damn time they come out.  Hopefully I will get them out ASAP and be done with it and never have to worry about my damn wisdom teeth again.  

Ok people...I am gonna go now cause my food should be here any minute :o)
Good Night!!

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