Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Working out...

Okay so this week was supposed to be my first week of going to the gym 5 days...well I didn't make it yesterday!!!  Damn it I am so mad at myself, there was a really bad storm yesterday that started at about 3:30 in the afternoon and lasted until sometime after 5:30 and it was so bad that I decided not to go out in it.  I swear that as soon as I made the decision the weather cleared up :-0  I have been working out since I started doing daycare but I haven't been doing it seriously enough.  I may go 3 times a week but I have not really been pushing myself very hard....Now I want to go 5 days a week and push myself to the max and loose some weight.  I am 176 lbs right now and my goal is to get to 150 lbs.  I was 168 lbs 3 weeks after the baby was born and then over the last 7 months I have gained the extra 8 lbs and I really need to get rid of this extra weight.  It is scary to think that after my first child I was 115 lbs soaking wet and now I am 60 lbs heavier.  It is ok though I would never want to get back to 115 lbs cause I was way to skinny then.  I think I would look good at about 140 lbs.  My dream has been to get to 150 lbs for so long but I want to just celebrate every pound as I loose it instead of making my dream a little bit too hard to reach.  

How fun is it to read about what every woman complains about....loosing weight!!!  I am a very confident person and even at the weight I am at now I am perfectly happy.  I started going to the gym originally because I needed to get some frustration out of my system.  I have alot of frustration in me that ends in fights between me and my husband if I don't get it out in some other way.  I just decided the other day that I needed to be going to the gym to loose weight too not just to get the frustration out.  I am going to start pushing myself really hard now and get my ass in shape.  I just want my baby to look at me and be like damn...that's my wife  :-) I know he loves me now just the way I am because I looked just like this when he met me but I want to look better than I did when we met  :-)  I am such a dork, I know :0)  

Ok enough about working out and weight loss...I will write about it all as I go but for now I am going to clean up since all the daycare kids are sleeping.  Then after I am done I will sit my happy go lucky self down and have a little break.  This day has been crazy and this is the first time I sit down now writing this blog. 

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