Tuesday, February 1, 2011

First Viewing

Yesterday I got a phone call from the real estate agent asking me if I could show my place to someone interested in renting.  I of course said yes and as soon as I got home from work I got the place looking good and then waited on the people to show up.  The arrived on time and took a look at the house.  The are polish so I couldn't understand anything they were saying but the only thing they asked me was I going to leave my appliances.  After that they said they would contact the real estate agent in the morning.  Now it is lunch time and I am wondering what happened....do they want to rent the apartment?  Did they like it?  When is that phone call coming???  The agent said to me yesterday that the lady was trying to move in ASAP....as in a week or so!!!  I told him no problem....I will do anything to get someone in there before I leave!!!

It's snowing like crazy outside right now!  It is Christmas snow and I am loving it!  It looks so beautiful :)

What are you doing today?  I am working today and then I will be off for the next two days (preparing to move hopefully).

Have a great Tuesday!!


Pennie said...

I was supposed to have two meetings today - one this morning in Eau Claire...60 miles away and then one this afternoon back here about 10 miles from my house. The one in Eau Claire got cancelled due to weather and illness of a few of my board members. I'm RELIEVED...I needed a few hours this week and I didn't want to be the wimp to postpone the meeting until next week! Whew! Now, I can start planning my Superbowl Party and make my grocery lists and menu before I have to go to my afternoon meeting!
Then, I have to drive a friend and her kids somewhere, because her car broke down...after picking up Bridgette from an after school club and driving her to the library (she volunteers there).
And, tonight - at 8:30! - I have to take Aaron to karate - until 9:30 - yawn!
Then I will collapse into bed.
That is my busy day. But, at least with that cancellation it is less busy. Whew!

Pennie said...

Oh - I wanted you to know that I'm praying that this is it - that your house sells! Wouldn't that be GREAT???!!!! I hope you are mega-busy the next few days preparing to move! (Because that would mean you sold it!)
That would be WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!
Keep us posted!

3LittleMonkeys said...

I know that feeling Helga! Our first showing was interested too, but nothing came of it. Here I am 3 months later.....UGH! I really, really, really hope your place sells quick! Each time we have a showing, I get all excited and clean the place from top to bottom. Now, I don't even bother ;)

Murdock's mama said...

Ahh... suspense kills me! Praying for the best for you guys!

Laura said...

I hope you get your place rented soon! We have never sold a house yet but I can imagine the waiting is horrible! Good luck with everything!!