Monday, September 20, 2010

New Look

I was playing around with backgrounds today and chose this really PINK background....I really like love the color pink!!!  This background may just be a little too pink for me though :)  We'll see how it goes though!

Awhile back I had a poll on my blog trying to come up with a new blog name and the results were that I should choose Goldy Locks and her 3 sons.  I was really loving the idea of changing my blog name and getting a new start on life, then...........I saw that there is another blog called Goldie Locks and her three bears!!  After I saw that I lost interest in using that name, I want to be unique and that just killed it for me.  You see when I did the blog hop Friday Follow I saw that there was another blog called My World and I didn't like the fact that we both had the same blog name.  But, I think I will just stick with the same blog name.  It has been the name of my blog since day one and heck....this is My World :o)

Next on the agenda is to talk to you all about my apartment.  It is pretty much done......the only thing is that my Dad needs to come finish some last minute things and change a pipe in the kitchen but I am able to move back home :o)  I was going to move back home last night but the whole apartment needs to be cleaned (there is saw dust here and there and some remnants of flooring) and I started last night and I am going to finish that tonight when I get home from work.  Then after I am done cleaning tonight I am going to move us back home :o)  I can not wait to get back to my routine.

So I wrote that at work yesterday and now it is Monday morning and I am moved back home!  I slept here last night and it was great.  We did go to sleep rather late and are tired this morning but it's okay, we will just go to sleep early tonight.  The house looks so good and yesterday I had a ton of visitors come over to look and everyone was loving it!

Now I am going to keep putting my stuff away and organizing my home.

Have a great Monday!!


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