Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just Thursday

I'm back!!!

I can't guarantee for how long but I am back for today at least :o)

We have been working on my house like crazy and the bathroom is almost complete.  I now have tiles on my floors and my toilet is being installed hopefully by the end of the day.....I am sooooooooo oober duper excited!!!!  I bought the hard wood floors on Tuesday and I am hoping the shipment gets here today so my Dad and brother in law can start laying the flooring today.  My Dad took off from work for the rest of the week to try to get the apartment finished so I can move back home.  

Monday was Kobe's 3rd baby is 3 years old!!!!  I just had him yesterday so I can't understand how he can be 3 already....time is going way too fast when it comes to my kids.  I want them to stay little forever!!!!

I am going to have a birthday party for Kobe after I move back home so I will show you all those pictures when they come along.  I took some pictures of him on the morning of his birthday opening his birthday presents and I am going to post them on here so my Aunt Sharla can see them.....and the rest of you too of course :)

Okay enough for now, I have to get back to work.  

Here is this weeks Just Thursday.  Abby over at Murdock's Mama has a great blog hop every Thursday and if you want to play along just click right here.

Outside my window..getting light out, there are tons of cars in front of my window.

The time is..6:37 AM

Today I feel..super duper excited!!!!

I am thinking.. of how I am going to decorate my "new" home :o) 

At the moment, I am thankful.. that I have a job and have such a wonderful Dad and Brother in law who are willing to spend all their free time busting their butt at my place.  I am thankful for my Mamma who is watching Kobe for me while I was working yesterday and today.  I am thankful for all the wonderful things that are going on right now.

I am be working for the next 11 hours and then I am going to get Kobe from my Mamma's.

I am wearing..Work clothes.

I wish..I had time/energy to blog again..I miss it! :(   I have to agree with Abby on this one!! I love blogging and it kills me that I do not have time for it now.  I don't really have time for anything other than work and the apartment.  My poor sons are really missing their Mamma right now :o(  

I am reading..Eat, Pray, Love. [very slowly!]  Yeah I have to second that.....I haven't picked mine up in 2 months but yeah I was reading it very slowly too LOL.

I am working on..getting my apartment done so I can get my life back in order!!!

I am hoping..that we get the flooring in this weekend so I can move back home :o)

I am in the background from the cleaning crew.

I bet you didn't know.. I didn't start the new job like I was supposed to last week!!!  I was asked to stay with my company :o)

One of my favorite..things to do is travel!  I second that one too Abby....I love to travel :o)


Anonymous said...

Yay for all the excitment going on at your place! I'm so excited for your whole family!! I've been meaning to ask forever. How are the older boys adjusting to all of the changes? I can't believe you didn't switch jobs. Which other company were you going to go to. What a compliment to have them ask you to stay! :) Thanks so much for linking up!!


Pennie said...

I've missed you. I haven't been posting much, either - I've been busy, and I'm losing steam when it comes to much is going on and I can't keep up with it all!!!

How exciting that your home is getting completed! Exciting stuff, Helga! Way to go!